après moi le deluge

My manifest.

My name is Milena and I am fighting against the time, against the history, against all the authorities that exist in fixed and scared forms, I am one of the millions who does not fit into the world, who does not have a home, no family, no rules, no stable place in life , there is no known beginning and an end, woven by the threads of my mistakes and fears.

I only know the current moment and duration of that moment.

I am free as much as I am constrained in my actions.

Predicting the future by the current situation, when the global economic collapse is coming, people will no longer be able to spend their money on art, but who are we without art?
Lets just get out of our shells to the streets!

As an artist I always want to share my work. Normally the best place to share artwork is a gallery or collectives on the internet. …

Milena Krawetz

photographer, artist, producer.

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